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DreamToy Intl 於2017年在香港成立, 我們一直致力為客戶解決由開發到商品面世的難題, 團隊擁有20多年經驗,從3D MODEL到手辦拆件結構/分模/開模/生成工藝/品質控制/成本核算,產品風險評估等較有一定的能力和實踐經驗.

我們著力於Designer Toy 及 License Toy, 跟各大日系品牌及設計師做OEM 代工生產經驗非常豐富.另外配合的生產工廠設備完善, 生產工藝可多方面配合, 如搪膠/植毛/注塑成形.......等, 加上工廠都通過各方面的認證, 如ICTI,Disney, ISO9001 ....等認証​.

我們相信每個設計都是客戶的心血, 所以DreamToy 都會將客戶的產品做到盡善盡美, 務求令客戶們可以在市場上創造佳績, 客戶滿意是我們最大的動力.

我們專注於 PVC 公仔/擺設/搪膠公仔, 公仔衣服/頭髮都有供應商配合, 現在市面上的潮玩/盲盒/開窗禮品盒極為多元化, 我們收到客戶的設計圖後, 便會開始用3D軟件製作手辦, 過程中客戶也可以多點了解,中間會與客戶多方面溝通, 我們亦會提供最好意見給客戶選擇.才開始進行生產

我們非常清楚及了解市場動向, 生產時間及品質我們是非常重視的, 我們明白時間就是金錢, 品質就是品牌的一切. 歡近迎各大品牌及設計師查詢及交流.


歡迎洽談合作, 請電郵到

或致電2178 2838

DreamToy Intl was established in 2017 in Hong Kong , we use to committed to solving the difficult problems from development to product launch for our customers, our team from 3D Model to Sculpture/ mold process/ Production process / Quality control / Cost accounting, Products Risk assessment, etc. we have a certain ability and practical experience.

We are focus on Designer Toy and License Toy, and have fully experience in OEM production with major Japanese brands and designers. Also factory were passed ICTI , Disney ..... etc certificate.


We believe every design are the blood of our customers, so DreamToy will make customers' products in the best way, and we glad to see our customers get successful in the market, and customer satisfaction is Our biggest motivation.


Dream Toy are specialize in PVC figures/Vinyl Toy/ decoration. Toy dresses / Hair we do have very good experience vendor cooperate.  Normally we use 3D software(Free Foam ) to create sculpture after receiving customer's design , and in the processing , we like to communicate with our customers in many ways, and provide the best suggestion to customers before start production.


We know the market trend, We attach great importance to production time and quality. We understand that time is money and quality is everything in the brand.

Welcome to discuss cooperation, please email to

Or call 2178 2838

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